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List of projects I have contributed to.

Persis - A Persian Font Recognition Pipeline Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Jul, 2022     Go to the project

Official github repository, persis: A persian font recognition pipeline using convolutional neural networks. (submitted on ICCKE2022)

Makeup Lab
Jul, 2022     Go to the project

Makeup with Deep Learning, Apply different hair/lipstick color on your face! - WebApp

Parkinson detection based on wave sketches and deep learning - PDS
May, 2022     Go to the project

Detect Parkinson’s disease just from a wave sketch image. I provied a method by using Few-Shot learning to detect Parkinson based on the proposed dataset in paper.

Search between the objects - SBO
May, 2022     Go to the project

Search between the objects in an image, and cut the region of the detected object. - WebApp

Vision Kit - Useful tools for your computer vision projects with TensorFlow
Feb, 2022     Go to the project

A set of tools (like callbacks, metrics, models and etc) for use in your computer vision projects specifically created by the TensorFlow library.

PPR - Portrait painting recommendation system using deep learning
Feb, 2022     Go to the project

A recommendation system for images (specifically painted portraits), for Web Mining and Social Networking Course. - WebApp

CenterNet fixed for Google Colab
Sep, 2021     Go to the project

Fixed version of the CenterNet for Google Colab

Anxiety prediction using deep learning, based on Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale
Sep, 2021     Go to the project

I provided a deep learning model for predicting the anxiety level of a person based on the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale. This test published by Taylor, J.A in paper A personality scale of manifest anxiety (1953). - WebApp

Scikit-learn in Persian, Translation
Dec, 2020     Go to the project

Translate scikit-learn documentation into Persian.

Machine Learning Course by Andrew Ng, Translation
Nov, 2020     Go to the project

Published notes and translated contents while completing this course.

Apr, 2020     Go to the project

Jami is a simple cross platform GUI for play some musical instrument. Jami in fyne apps list