Mehrdad Mohammadian

Deep Learning Researcher at


An undergraduate computer engineering student interested in deep learning and machine learning. Currently, I work as a Deep Learning Researcher at company. Machine learning seems like magic (I love magic!). I try to develop anything around me as much as I can, so let’s develop!

Research Interests:

  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Deep Learning, Machine Learning
  • AI in healthcare
  • Data Science

More about me?

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πŸ“° News

Jul 20, 2022

I finished my bachelor of computer engineering!

Jul 17, 2022

Blog post published: An overview of text classification

Apr 30, 2022

My First blog post in blog published - How do computers understand language? (Review of natural language processing)

Mar 1, 2022

I joined company as Deep Learning Researcher!